I purchased my first truck in 1991. After major reconstruction, we started racing and showing the truck at different venues all over the country. The truck was featured in a national magazine, as well as on television, and in monster truck videos. Due to changes in the sport, I decided to sell the truck and stay out of monster truck racing for a year, in order to build a new light-weight tube chassis for racing. The new Quadzilla race truck was completed in June or 1998. Since then, we have been racing the truck all over the country at major racing venues as well as local county fairs.

Gauger Motorsports has stepped up to the challenge once again with the completion of our third racing monster truck. This truck is a new 2002 Ford Super Duty all tube chassis race truck. Gauger Motorsports takes a great deal of pride in the fact that we have the skills and knowledge to design and build our own race trucks. We have accomplished this with the help of a few great friends and family, as well as a couple of local sponsors. Thanks to everyone for all of their help and support.